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Large Black Hogs

After doing extensive research into what best pig would fit our homestead we found the breed, Large Black Hogs. They are a heritage breed still possessing natural instincts of foraging on pasture and thriving in various environments. Their large floppy ears protect their face and eyes while foraging and their dark pigmented skin prevents them from sunburns. Not only are they hardy breed but also extremely docile. 

What we love about pasture pigs is the fact they are not raised in confinement but instead outside, on grass, in a more natural habitat. They are rotated to fresh pasture regularly and supplemented with a non-gmo grain. Being a heritage breed they do root some because they are still a pig but not nearly as aggressively as some of the other breeds making them a great addition to the homestead. These breeds do take longer to reach butchering weight with an estimated time of 10-14 months, about double to triple the time of a concentrated animal feeding operation. We find the wait time worth it as the meat is a deeper red and pork has nice marbling to it and more nutrient dense. 

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