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Kiko Goats

We raise registered Purebred and New Zealand Kiko goats. We love this breed for their hardiness and resistance to parasites and worms. On the homestead, a healthy animal is a happy animal and we strive to have healthy animals limiting the need for medications.  Our Kiko goats have been an excellent livestock to have, eating up brush and weeds not palatable to other animals. We keep them on pasture where they are rotationally moved every 3-4 days, sometimes more, in the spring, summer and fall. During the winter months our goats are fed a mixed grass hay. Our goal is to only keep goats who can thrive on minerals and grass with little to no supplementation from us. We breed in late fall, kid in the spring, mimicking mother natures natural cycle. This enable goats to back on pasture when kidding, giving their milk more nutrients with fresh grass and extra hay as needed to maintain weight. 

Merlin 2023.jpg

For Sale - $500 


Buck - Merlin

Merlin was born April 2022 and raised on the homestead. He comes from great genetics and was selectively held back for good conformation, parasite resistance and overall low maintenance. We are looking to move Merlin on to new pastures as he will make someone a great buck. 

Registrations Papers

Merlin is currently not registered but can be dual registered with AKGA or NKA. 

Sire: MJC Sandman

Dam: BWP Smokey's 984 Girl


Sire - SLA Kingsman

Kingsman came to the farm July 2022 as a buckling. We are excited to see what traits and colors he brings to his offspring. He has been low maintenance and continues to fill out without any additional feed.  We strive to keep only goats who do well on pasture most of the year and hay in the winter.



Bucklings 2023

Meat bucklings for sale! $4/lb hanging weight at 1 year of age. If interested contact Jackie at 913.609.2158

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