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I'm Jackie. I wasn't raised on a farm, but raising a family on 50 acres with my husband is my dream come true. Our goal is to become as self-sufficient as possible by growing and raising as much of our own food. It is the best feeling to pick vegetables and herbs right out the front door or know how the animals we consume are treated. As much hard work is involved with farming, I absolutely love the fresh air and open space!

As our passion for food has grown, we want to be able to provide the same quality to others as well. We strive to do better for the land by practicing rotational grazing, deep mulching our gardens and composting manure. We are always looking for ways to improve and reduce waste keeping the land and animals at our forefront. With these practices in mind, we hope to produce products more nutritionally dense as they are raised outside, on grass, with plenty of sunshine.

This place did not come easy to us as all good things require work. It has been an uphill battle to make improvements to our small plot of land which was neglected for many years. We have poured ourselves into this farm life and would not want it any other way. We hope you enjoy our products and check back frequently as we continue to grow and add more items to our inventory. Thank you for supporting your local farmer. 



The Paola Homestead has been around since the early 1900s with an old farmhouse and several barns. My husband and I purchased the land in 2017 with a vision for a homestead where we could raise animals and our family. We lived in an R.V. for two years while updating the farm and building our barndominium. During those nights on the farm, we constantly heard an owl cackling in the late night hours and would see it perched on our old hay barn at times during the day. We love the history of this farm and the animals that are part of our journey. 


Our chickens, pigs and goats roam the pasture of our 50-acre farm where they dine on the finest Kansas grass and grubs. Rotationally grazing is an important part of animal husbandry as it keeps the animals healthy while also feeding the soil. You will notice the difference in the quality!

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